Raja, artist @ Pasar Seni, KL

the funny thing about asking someone for a portrait photo is the initial and often unnecessary fear one feels, followed by the sheer happiness that comes later with the shoot. my friend and i saw Raja and at once, we wanted a photo. he had such a unique look about him, from his hair to his stern face. the clean white shirt sitting calmly amidst the burst of colors; the sea of faces plastered in emotions, scattered all around. the epicenter of creation. we summoned courage to ask him but failed the first time around. we came back again and this time, i just asked. what was there to lose. if he said no, we'd move on. if he said yes, then, we would have ourselves a photo. but we got even more.

the moment i approached him, he smiled. his stern exterior changed immediately and we saw our stern man reveal a beautiful one. and once again, Life reminds us of the old adage, never judge a book by its cover. i got my photo and was filled with whee. indescribable. 

with this lesson, comes the first story for Storytelling Inc.

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